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Always learning. 2x founder. 1x VC-backed.


  • Athina Polina Dova

    Athina Polina Dova

    Coo & Co-Founder @Owiwi /Fortune 40 under 40/ National Female Role Model@Global Startup Awards 2019

  • Oleg Campbell

    Oleg Campbell

    Founder of Changing the game for B2B sales. Send automated cold emails that feel warm.

  • Αθανασιος Κολλυρης

    Αθανασιος Κολλυρης

    Σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδων, γραφική επιμέλεια και φωτογράφιση. Storytelling, Web Design, UX, CMS, Photography.



    Thoughts in Words

  • Amalia Agathou

    Amalia Agathou

    Creative✏️ 🎨 Info & Coms Systems Engineer 🦄 YouTuber 🎥 Entrepreneur 💵 @grecenouveau Clothes For Thought 💭⚡ Sis in 🏠 @bloomingfounders

  • Jo Ann Harris

    Jo Ann Harris

    Multiple genre writer. Writer for Crow’s Feet, Family and Children, Illumination. Editor for Wreader. A specialist in eclecticism. Thank you for reading my work

  • Consulting 27

    Consulting 27

    Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure & Corporate Social Responsibility

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