Ben Keene’s Ideas on How to Build a Tribe

  • Rituals: Every community needs rituals. In the old days, humans used to gather around the fire every night. Later on, humans created religious communities that had rituals that brought them together.
  • Rhythm: Having a ritual is important only when you do it repetitively so that people make it part of their life.
  • Respect: Every community needs some sort of values & culture book for knowing what is and what is not allowed within the community.

If you are participating in any sort of community, this will make a lot of sense as Ben Keene’s ideas are amazing. I discovered Ben Keene as I was learning more about entrepreneurship and community building, and I think he is one of those people you should follow.

He is a very interesting person, who launched and successfully grew various projects focused around the environment, entrepreneurship, and tribe building as he calls it.

His flagship project (or at least the one that got my attention) was the creation of a physical and online community in an island in the Fijis. If you haven’t watched this video where they present how they created this remote community, you’re missing out. Here it is:

He recently wrote an article entitled How To Build a Tribe (or Purposeful Community) where he basically outlines the 3 core pillars that any tribe or community needs for succeeding: Rituals, Rhythm, and Respect.

You can learn more about Ben on his site:, by reading his book: Tribe Wanted, and by following on twitter: @benkeene




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Akis Laopodis

Akis Laopodis

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