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1/ Competitor risk is better than “new market creation” risk

Maren Kate
Maren Kate

1/ Figure out the Job(s) To Be Done by the role.

stock market graph
stock market graph
Source: Yahoo! Finance |

1/ This is the fastest slide into a correction since 2008

2/ Monday was the worst day for the S&P in over 2 years

3/ China represents 17% of global GDP which is 6 times bigger than it was during the SARS outbreak in 2003

4/ Sales into China for US corporates are at around 2% of S&P revenue exposure so the impact of…

Setting and reaching a goal through a specific type of brainstorming

1/ Frame the question in multiple ways.

  • Rituals: Every community needs rituals. In the old days, humans used to gather around the fire every night. Later on, humans created religious communities that had rituals that brought them together.
  • Rhythm: Having a ritual is important only when you do it repetitively so that people make it part of their life.
  • Respect: Every community needs some sort of values & culture book for knowing what is and what is not allowed within the community.

Watch this first (3 min.)

Then watch this (2 min.)

Now watch this (7 min.)

Does PBL work? Watch 3 min. from this

Akis Laopodis

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