7 Videos for Getting Started with Project-Based Learning

PBL is one of those topics where seeing it in action through videos, make a huge difference (compared to just reading about it). So I watched 100+ videos on PBL and selected the best ones. I’ve separated them in to 3 sections: What is it → Why should we use it → How do start it at our school. Enjoy!

Watch this first (3 min.)

Then watch this (2 min.)

Now watch this (7 min.)

It breaks down the 5 core benefits of PBL and it makes it very easy for anyone to wrap their head around the core reasons and benefits of PBL for students.

Does PBL work? Watch 3 min. from this

Listen to the results from a PBL experiment that was implemented in 48 classrooms across 20 elementary schools. And this is just one of the studies, there are hundreds.

How to start PBL at your school

Watch this school case study (5 min.)

The Charles R. Drew Charter School embedded PBL into the STEAM curriculum and now it’s in every classroom.

Ask your teachers to watch this (4 min.)

A teacher explains how PBL impacted his life as a child and how he is using it in his classroom. This is very motivating for teachers that want to start using PBL.

Ready to start? Watch this webinar (1h)

This is a Youtube video (which is basically a webinar) by The Lettered Classroom that shows you step-by-step how you can plan a project for PBL on your computer.

Always learning. 2x founder. 1x VC-backed. akislaopodis.com

Always learning. 2x founder. 1x VC-backed. akislaopodis.com